Company strategies and results

EN - Gasmarkt  /  Dr. Heiko Lohmann

In 2017, Wingas achieved an EBIT of 12.2 million euros, according to the company report published in the Federal Bulletin (see also editorial). The EBIT is 90 per cent below the 2016 figure. Lower margins as a consequence of tough competition are the main reason for the sharp drop of the EBIT. But there is a second factor: In 2017, Wingas paid 27.6 million euros to sponsor ice hockey clubs that are members of the Kontinental Hockey League (2016: seven million euros donation). It is a Russian league but with participants from other countries. Wingas sponsors the Russian clubs HK Vitjaz and Dinamo Sankt Petersburg as well as Dinamo Riga (Latvia) and Slovan Bratislava (Slovakia). Wingas reported its sponsoring when it was commenced.

In August 2017, the company organised the Wingas Cup in Kassel (Wingas’ home town) with the mentioned teams (except St. Petersburg) and the local ice hockey team Kassel Huskies, which is also sponsored by Wingas. But the amount is surprising(allegedly, Gazprom pays the German football team Schalke 04 between 24 to 30 million euros per year depending on the team’s success. In the season that is just finished, Schalke performed poorly, which is good for Gazprom’s purse). Different sources told ener|gate Gasmarkt that over the last two years the amounts have been substantial and that the decision was not made in Kassel.

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