Interview with Bianca Dittmann and Jürgen Fuhlrott about the market area convergence Framework conditions

EN - Editorial  /  Dr. Heiko Lohmann

I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. The weather with its heat waves and the wood fires in Brazil has again intensified discussions regarding climate change. As politicians are more inclined to follow the short-term mood of the electorate rather than long-term rationality, a package of climate decrees – which at least looks ambitious – might be agreed in the cabinet in September. Whether this package really makes it possible to meet climate targets with efficient measures remains to be seen.

I have used this edition to put together everything I found during the last month on “Green Gases”. A good reason was the decision of the ministry of economic affairs in July on which power-to-x sandbox projects will be subsidised. The number of projects is higher than expected. I am not really sure whether this is good news, because the amount per project for the CAPEX is rather low. But the ministry wants to launch a new facility for the support of the OPEX. And if all projects are implemented, the ministry has made a wise decision. In general, I find it remarkable how prominent the topic green gas/hydrogen has become in some ministries.

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