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EN - Editorial Dr. Heiko Lohmann

The year 2019 - Review and outlook

I hope, dear readers, that you have had a relaxed time and can start the new year with a lot of ideas. It was a strange time when I finished the manuscripts for the edition you are now holding in your hands. Some important things happened that may influence future Russian gas flows. I finished the manuscript on December 22; on December 19 there had been a general agreement between Russia and Ukraine about a new transit contract. This is the short version, because ultimately companies will sign the contract. If this has indeed happened by January 1 and gas flows, you will know. At the time I finished this edition, I did not know. Also, on December 21, the US President Donald Trump signed PEESA, the act that will impose sanctions against companies that provide pipelaying vessels for Nord Steam 2 and Turk Stream. At the beginning of January, you will perhaps know more about what the real consequences are.

As is the case with every first edition of the year, this edition contains a review of 2019 and an outlook to 2020. One major topic for 2020 should be - and this is becoming ever clearer to me - the issue of the proper regulatory framework for hydrogen networks. BNetzA, too, thinks that this is necessary. This is made very clear in the confirmation document for the Scenario Framework for the Network Development Plan 2020 – 2030, which I have summarised in this edition. Sometime in autumn, I heard that Gas-Union was increasing...

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