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Market Rumours

In July, the ministry of economics and energy (BMWi) announced the 20 projects that were picked in the "Sandboxes of the Energy Transition" contest for ideas. Eleven projects deal with sector coupling and hydrogen technologies. After the first round was finished for the chosen consortia consortia, the real work stated. They had to submit the applications for grants, and many consortia became somewhat disillusioned. It is not clear whether the grant per project will be sufficient. Also, contrary to the expectations of some participants, there will be no exemption from the regulatory framework. That means for the power for electrolysers that all levies and charges must be paid if the windmill or solar panels are not directly integrated spatially into the project. To compensate this burden a new subsidy for the OPEX is planned. But BMWi is still working on a solution that complies with the EU rules for subsidies. Furthermore, the restriction of the period for the grants to five years seems to be a hurdle for some projects. Also, general issues of compliance with EU subsidy rules are not yet settled in every case. According to one source, there are very intense and cooperative discussions with the BMWi about these topics. Nevertheless, it seems to be far from certain that all hydrogen projects will remain in the sandbox...

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