Aus der energate Gasmarkt 02|20
EN - Editorial Dr. Heiko Lohmann

Gas transportation from Russia

What I found most remarkable in January were the discussions about the impact of the future CO2 prices on the non-ETS sectors heating and transportation. You will be aware of the fact that shortly before Christmas the Mediation Committee of the German Bundestag and Bundesrat agreed to lift the starting price to 25 euros/t. To be honest, I did not really think about the impact. I suppose I was too occupied with other topics such as Ukraine transit or Nord Stream 2. However, at the beginning of January, first discussion partners asked me whether I had an idea what 25 euros/t mean for the gas price. I did not, but quickly learned that it means around 4.50 euros/MWh - and this is only the starting price. Presumably, the CO2 price will have consequences and change behaviour. 4.50 euros/MWh are above the pain threshold. Consultants I know quite well did not want to give me concrete data on consequences for the choice of heating systems. This is understandable, as such analysis can be monetarised, especially when the impact of the new aid schemes for heating systems are considered, too. The consultants will earn money and I have written about the basics of the new framework.

There is a topic that might seem a bit odd, but which is important to me, as it may have a bigger impact. On January 1 in Austria, a voluntary labelling of the origin of gas was introduced. I think this is highly interesting as guarantees of origin and certificates will be decisive for developing a market for green/blue gas/hydrogen. The Austrians have now offered the first solution; I think that work on European harmonisation is necessary and has already started.

In January, most senior managers of the industry attended the Handelsblatt Energy Summit. No groundbreaking new insights were discussed. Most participants raised their eyebrows about the bloodless speech of the minister of economics Peter Altmaier - more on that in this edition. Finally, a word on my own behalf: In February, E-World is taking place and I am taking a week off to go skiing. The next edition will therefore be published a few days later. This also happened with the last addition due to technical problems. I can only apologise for any inconveniences.

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