Aus der energate Gasmarkt 03|20
EN - Gasmarkt Dr. Heiko Lohmann

Topic of the month: Hydrogen strategy of the German government

The draft of the National Hydrogen Strategy released by the ministry of economics and energy (BMWi) did not result in any enthusiasm in the stakeholders. This is plausible after reading the 21 pages (not 25 as assumed in the last edition). Although 35 actions are listed, most of them scheduled to be implemented 2020, the draft is not very concrete. It is difficult to see how the intended market launch for carbon-free hydrogen could be achieved.

The paper is divided into the chapters Targets, Fields for Action and Future Markets, Governance, and an Action Plan with the already-mentioned 35 different actions. It is supplemented by an introductory chapter in which the importance of carbon-free hydrogen for the energy transition is described more general...

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