2. Framework conditions

2.2 Green gases/hydrogen
EN - Gasmarkt  /  Dr. Heiko Lohmann

The term “Green Gases” usually refers to all products that are shipped in gaseous form through pipelines (or when liquified, transported by ship) and that are either carbon-free or carbon-low. This does not mean that the stakeholders are not aware of the differences and their implications. In the 06/19 edition, ener|gate Gasmarkt showed a graph with a classification of the different gases (figure 4 in that edition). But for the reporting here, the term Green Gases is absolutely sufficient. The topic is very high on every agenda. The list of initiatives, studies and proposals for an adjustment of the framework conditions has become endless. Nevertheless, here is an overview of the latest publications and proposals:

Quota for green gases

In the February edition of ener|gate Gasmarkt, Patrick Graichen, the director of Agora Energiewende, a think-tank, asked the gas industry to advocate for a green gas quota. This would be a credible commitment to the support of green gas. In May, Agora Energiewende itself included this proposal in its 15 key points for a Climate Protection Law (ener|gate Gasmarkt did not recognise it at the time). In 2021, all sales companies that supply final customers are to virtually blend 0.5 per cent of “green” or “blue” hydrogen to their natural sales gas portfolio. This quota is to increase to ten per cent by 2030...

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