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Dialogue process Gas 2030: Draft of a summary paper.
EN - Gasmarkt  /  Dr. Heiko Lohmann

In the last edition, ener|gate Gasmarkt reported that the draft of the summary paper for the dialogue process Gas 2030 was scheduled to be published on August 28. The ministry of economics and energy (BMWi) did not meet that deadline. On September 11, the 33 pages titled “Dialogue Process Gas 2030 – First Summary” were published. The co-ordination within the ministry took longer than planned, some sources commented. Slightly embarrassing for the ministry is the fact that it had to delay the meeting with roughly 25 executive board members and managing directors from the gas industry. They had initially been invited for September 5 to have a preview of the main results. The meeting was rescheduled to September 12. Enough gossip about the finishing phase and back to the paper. As a starter: In principle, representatives of the gas industry expressed satisfaction with the outcome in first informal assessments: “The paper stipulates a long-term role for gaseous energy carriers and the infrastructure”, as one discussion partner pointed out as the decisive point to ener|gate Gasmarkt.

Another crucial issue: The paper clearly denies any premature phasing out for natural gas. “Such a step would not only create enormous risks for Germany as an industrial location but for the energy supply in general” – this wording is already in the introductory remarks of the paper. Until 2030, a slight increase of gas demand is expected...

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