Aus der energate Gasmarkt 01|20
EN - Gasmarkt Dr. Heiko Lohmann

Topic of the month: The year 2019 - Review and outlook

In this edition, it is the "same procedure as every year": There is a review of 2019 as well as an outlook to 2020 and events that are already foreseeable.

1.1 What happened in 2019?

Gas is on the political agenda

From the perspective of the gas industry, the dialogue process Gas 2030 was the main highlight of 2019. The ministry of economics and energy (BMWi) launched the process in February. After years of being neglected by politics and the federal administration, BMWi had intense discussions with the gas industry. Initially, it was not expected that the whole process would evolve into a hydrogen dialogue. Some industry representatives already complain that there is too much talk about hydrogen and no longer enough about (natural) gas. To what extent and when natural gas will be replaced or supplemented by blue or green hydrogen is unclear. But for the gas industry, hydrogen and synthetic methane as carbon-free or neutral energy carriers enable new business models. More and more companies are working intensively on these models that may also make new applications possible, mainly in the industry...

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