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EN - Gasmarkt Dr. Heiko Lohmann

Operative implementation of the market area merger

Assuming that the big questions about the market area merger are now answered, the focus shifts to all detailed questions of implementation. The two market area operators are working on these questions. During the fourth Market Dialogue, they presented the current status. Shortly before Christmas, EFET sent a wish list with several pages to the market area operators. The list contains detailed proposals for an improvement of functionalities, communication and data provision in the THE market area. The market area operators promised to work on this list as far as possible. EFET also requests substantial improvements for the future calculation of the liquidity buffers for the neutrality accounts. This calculation is currently mostly a "black box", EFET writes in a press release published during E-world where the traders’ association held a press conference.

Another topic on which work still has to be done is the design of the MBIs. That also became clear during the TSOs’ event at E-world. One example: The TSOs want renomination restrictions for all traders that offer the spread product. EFET thinks that will severely restrict liquidity for the spread product because traders value the flexibility from the renomination higher and do not want to give it up for the provision of the spread product...

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